• The design of scalar AES Instruction Set Extensions for RISC-V
    Ben Marshall and G. Richard Newell and Dan Page and Markku-Juhani O. Saarinen and Claire Wolf

  • Yosys+nextpnr: An Open Source Framework from Verilog to Bitstream for Commercial FPGAs
    David Shah, Eddie Hung, C. Wolf, Serge Bazanski, Dan Gisselquist, Miodrag Milanovic. FCCM 2019: 1-4.

  • Btor2 , BtorMC and Boolector 3.0
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  • Toggle MUX: How X-Optimism Can Lead to Malicious Hardware.
    Christian Krieg, C. Wolf, Axel Jantsch, and Tanja Zseby
    Proceedings of the 54th Annual Design Automation Conference 2017 (DAC '17);
    download paper (pdf), doi:10.1145/3061639.3062328.

  • Malicious LUT: A Stealthy FPGA Trojan Injected and Triggered by the Design Flow
    Christian Krieg, C. Wolf, Axel Jantsch. Best paper award at ICCAD 2016.
    Proceedings of the 35th International Conference on Computer-Aided Design (ICCAD 2016);
    download paper(pdf), doi:10.1145/2966986.2967054.

  • Online waveform processing for demanding target situations
    Martin Pfennigbauer, C. Wolf, Josef Weinkopf, Andreas Ullrich
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    Martin Pfennigbauer, C. Wolf, Andreas Ullrich
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  • Yosys - A Free Verilog Synthesis Suite
    C. Wolf, Johann Glaser. In Proceedings of Austrochip 2013. [download pdf]

  • Example-Driven Interconnect Synthesis for Heterogeneous Coarse-Grain Reconfigurable Logic
    C. Wolf, Johann Glaser, Florian Schupfer, Jan Haase, Christoph Grimm
    2012 Forum on Specification and Design Languages (FDL)
    download paper (pdf), download presentation (pdf) (as presented at FDL 2012)

  • Linux Magazin Technical Review 04: High availability - Csync2,C. Wolf
    A german article about Csync2, a cluster synchronisation tool I wrote. (ISBN 978-3-939551-06-5, page 56-63)